Poultry Farm Insulated Panels

Maximizing Poultry Farm Productivity With Globe Panels’ Insulated Metal Panels

BENEFIT FROM THE USE OF INSULATED PANELS IN POULTRY FARMING Like those from Globe Panels, insulated metal panels offer numerous advantages for poultry farming. These panels significantly enhance the farm’s environment, directly impacting poultry health and productivity. Here’s how: ENHANCING POULTRY HEALTH AND PRODUCTIVITY WITH THERMAL INSULATION Firstly, Globe Panels insulated metal panels provide exceptional … Continue Reading

Sandwich Panels Pig Farming

The Benefit of Sandwich Panels in Pig Farming

ADVANTAGES OF GLOBE PANELS’ INSULATED PANELS TO PIG FARMING Globe Panels’ insulated metal panels offer significant benefits to pig farming, enhancing the animals’ well-being and the farm’s efficiency. Here’s an in-depth look at these advantages. Thermal Regulation with Insulated Metal Panels Firstly, thermal regulation stands out as a primary benefit. Pigs, especially piglets, are sensitive … Continue Reading

Globe Panels' insulated metal panels, Tata Steel Prisma Ultra

From Stability to Sustainability: The Role of Globe Panels in Advancing Fish Farming

TAKING FISH FARMING TO THE NEXT LEVEL: THE IMPACT OF GLOBE PANELS INSULATED METAL PANELS In the dynamic realm of aquaculture, where precision and durability are paramount, innovative solutions are essential for sustainable growth. This article explores the pivotal role of Globe Panels’ insulated metal panels and their collaboration with Tata Steel Prisma Ultra in … Continue Reading

Corrugated Metal Roofing, metal roof panels, Steel metal roofing

Corrugated Metal Roofing For Cattle Farming

ADVANTAGES OF METAL ROOF PANELS IN CATTLE FARMING Globe Panels’ metal roof panels benefit cow and cattle farming remarkably, enhancing livestock’s overall efficiency and well-being. Here’s a closer look at these advantages. Firstly, thermoregulation is a standout benefit. Cows and cattle thrive in stable climates, and Globe Panels’ panels maintain such an environment, which is … Continue Reading

Advantages of Livestock Sandwich Panels of Globe Panels, Farm Panels

Advantages of Livestock Sandwich Panels of Globe Panels

UNVEILING THE BENEFITS: LIVESTOCK SANDWICH PANELS REVOLUTIONIZING AGRICULTURAL INFRASTRUCTURE In the dynamic landscape of modern agriculture, the quest for efficiency, durability, and sustainability remains paramount. Amidst this pursuit, livestock sandwich panels have emerged as a beacon of innovation, transforming traditional farm infrastructure into resilient and high-performance environments. Engineered by Globe Panels, these agricultural sandwich panels … Continue Reading

Nylon And PVC Fixation Systems

Main Purpose of Nylon And PVC Fixation Systems of Industrial Cold Storage

COMPLETE GUIDE ON NYLON AND PVC FIXATION SYSTEMS In the realm of industrial refrigeration, nylon screws for industrial refrigeration have emerged as game-changing components. MAIN PURPOSE OF THE FIXATION SYSTEM OF INDUSTRIAL COLD STORAGE These unique fixation systems fasten the various elements of industrial cold storage, ensuring stability, durability, and overall safety. WHERE CAN YOU … Continue Reading

Insulated Sandwich Panels Factory Construction, advantages insulated metal panels, BENEFITS OF IMPS, solution storage facilities

Insulated Sandwich Panels For Pharmaceutical Factory Construction

BENEFITS OF IMPS FOR PHARMACEUTICAL FACTORY CONSTRUCTION – PROJECT DESCRIPTION WHICH SECTOR OR INDUSTRY DOES THE CUSTOMER BELONG TO? Pharmaceutical manufacturing and storage. WHICH SOLUTION THE COMPANY WAS LOOKING FOR? The customer, a prominent pharmaceutical company, sought solutions for their new factory and storage facility construction in a tropical climate. They needed effective measures to combat … Continue Reading

cold storage solutions, cold storage, construction, INSTALLING INSULATED METAL PANELS

The Benefits of Using IMPs in Cold Storage Construction

INTRODUCTION Cold storage facilities are crucial for preserving perishable goods such as food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products. As a construction worker experienced in this industry, I have seen firsthand the importance of using suitable materials to create efficient, durable, cost-effective cold storage solutions. One such material that has proven to be highly effective in … Continue Reading

Components of Cold Storage

Which Are The Crucial Components of Cold Storage Facilities?

GUIDE TO THE ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS OF COLD STORAGE FACILITIES INTRODUCTION Cold storage facilities are vital in preserving perishable goods, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products. These specialized warehouses ensure that these goods maintain their quality, freshness, and efficacy while in storage. We will list the most critical parts of a cold storage facility, highlighting … Continue Reading

sound absorbing imp, rockwool metal panels, perforated metal panels, noise reduction panels, acoustic panels

Where Can We Use Sound Absorbing Insulated Metal Panels?

THE APPLICATION OF SOUND-ABSORBING INSULATED METAL PANELS Sound-absorbing insulated metal panels (IMPs), Rockwool metal panels, perforated metal panels, noise reduction panels, or acoustic panels fit in various settings where noise reduction is a priority. These panels fit perfectly where the need to absorb sound waves and reduce the transmission of noise through walls joins the … Continue Reading

Cold Room Door Material, components industrial cold storage doors, composite plastic

What Materials Are The Best For Cold Room Doors?

WHAT MATERIAL IS USED FOR COLD ROOM DOORS? The materials used for cold room doors can vary and affect performance regarding cold-proofing, durability, antimicrobial capacity, and other factors. Some regulations dictate which specific materials we can use to produce cold-room door components, but in other cases, we can choose which materials to use. The three … Continue Reading

Refrigerated warehouse, insulated panels for cold-rooms, cold-room doors insulating sheets for floor, energy efficiency in industrial refrigeration

The Guide on How to Reduce The Electricity Bill For Refrigeration

TIPS TO REDUCE THE ELECTRICITY BILL FOR INDUSTRIAL REFRIGERATION In this post, we will show you how you can save money on the electricity bill of a refrigerated warehouse. For example, firstly, by increasing the thickness of the insulated panels for cold-rooms. Secondly, by increasing the thickness of insulating sheets for floor and cold-room doors and improving energy efficiency in industrial … Continue Reading

stainless steel cold room panels, stainless steel cold room doors, shellfish corrosion, seafood processing plant, stainless panels

Which Insulated Panels Should Be Installed in a Seafood Processing Plant?

WHICH COATING HELPS TO PREVENT SALT CORROSION OF SHELLFISH? This publication provides a brief overview of the use of stainless steel cold room panels and stainless steel cold room doors in the fishing industry. WHY PREVENT CORROSION IN A COLD ROOM ENVIRONMENT? The main problem we must face when building a cold or processing room in an aggressive … Continue Reading

Rockwool insulated panel for noise, Acoustic stone wool panel, Noise-absorbing panel, Sound rockwool panel, Perforated rockwool panel

How to Reduce the Noise of a Refrigeration Rack in a Supermarket?

HOW CAN A SUPERMARKET’S REFRIGERATED RACK BE MADE QUIETER? In this post, we describe how to reduce the noise of a refrigeration shelf in a supermarket by using acoustic stone wool panels, the installer also calls Rockwool insulated panels for noise, noise-absorbing panels, and sound Rockwool panels, or perforated Rockwool panels. Certainly, in a supermarket, … Continue Reading

Relief valves refrigeration, Compensation valves cold-room, Pressure relief valve refrigeration, Pressure Compensating Valve

The Advantage of Applying Our Relief Valves in Refrigeration

THE BENEFIT OF USING OUR RELIEF VALVES IN REFRIGERATION In this article, we want to share the benefit of using our relief valves with our customers. Firstly, we want to make feel our customers safe that we only deliver top-quality valves that can withstand extreme temperatures without fail. Secondly, failure is expensive to our customers and we … Continue Reading

Solution for Installation of The Cold Room Ceiling

NYLON’S INSULATING PROPERTIES AND STRENGTH OF GLOBE PANELS INSULATION DISCS Suspending the ceiling of a cold room is a serious task, and we take it very seriously, let’s see why. DIFFICULTIES WITH THE INSTALLATION OF THE COLD-ROOM CEILING Most installers face two main issues when installing the ceiling of a cold room: Ensuring the perfect … Continue Reading


Coving Profile Support: PVC vs Aluminium

PVC VS. ALUMINUM COVING PROFILE SUPPORT: WHICH SHOULD YOU USE? Coving PVC profiles are a fantastic system to make hygienic any environment. It allows you to make round any square angle. Coving profiles help us eliminate dirt and bacteria that typically build up in any laboratory, processing room, or cold-room. How can a simple PVC profile make … Continue Reading


What is Resistance to Fire?

HOW DOES FIRE RESISTANCE WORK? We have recently published a series of articles about FIRE REACTION: this post explained that fire reaction is the behavior towards the fire of building materials, such as insulated metal panels. And this one explains how to read the fire reaction classification as per the European law UNI EN 13501. In this article, … Continue Reading


Fire Reaction: How Sandwich Panels Perform

HOW TO READ THE FIRE REACTION CLASSIFICATION AS PER THE EUROPEAN LAW UNI EN 13501 Our last post explained that fire reaction is the behavior towards the fire of building materials, such as insulated metal panels. Today we explain how to read the fire reaction classification as per the European law UNI EN 13501. Let’s narrow … Continue Reading


The Situation of Insulated Panels for Cold Storage in LATAM

THE ULTIMATE INTERVIEW ABOUT THE THERMAL INSULATION MARKET IN LATIN AMERICA Saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are two essential requirements that insulated panel systems for cold rooms must offer today. This niche is growing and vital for properly performing food storage spaces, warehouses, and process plants. We consider it essential to know the … Continue Reading

What is Fire reaction?

What is Fire Reaction?

SAFETY FIRST: EXPLAINING FIRE REACTION OF SANDWICH PANELS For safety reasons, fire reaction (sometimes also called fire behavior) is an important topic. Why so? Because of the word “fire.” Fire is a scary word associated with the loss of human lives and the destruction of goods. We all know what fire means, although we may not have … Continue Reading

floor insulating boards

What Differs Globe Panels Floor Insulating Boards?

GLOBE PANELS INSULATING BOARDS We are glad to announce that Globe Panels is expanding its offer of thermal insulation by adding insulating sheets to its product range. WHAT MAKES OUR FLOOR INSULATING BOARDS UNIQUES? We have chosen to offer to our customers the best thermal insulation available: PIR insulating sheets. Our insulated sheets have the following … Continue Reading


RockWool Panel: Pay Attention to Install Fire-Resistant Panel Correctly

ROCKWOOL INSULATED PANELS: A COMMON MISTAKE ALL INSTALLERS SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO. SHORT OVERVIEW OF THE ISSUE I’ve recently passed by a new sandwich panel installation just next to the place I live. It’s a drive-through entrance to the E.R. for ambulances: by the law, that building requires materials with excellent fire behavior. That’s why the building … Continue Reading

Insulated Panels Price Update

Insulated Panels Price Update in October 2021

UPDATED PRICES ON INSULATED PANELS IN OCTOBER 2021 In this blog post, we will continue to talk about the insulated panel’s price update in 2021. Firstly, we will shed light on the factors that have contributed to the price increase of insulated panels in October 2021. Secondly, we will share our suggestions for retailers that are … Continue Reading

Questions And Answers About PVC Hygienic Profiles

Questions And Answers About PVC Hygienic Profiles

Q&As ABOUT PVC SANITARY PROFILES PVC hygienic profiles are becoming very popular among installers due to their multiple advantages over metal profiles. Moreover, their use is mandatory in building cold – rooms in numerous countries. HERE WE HAVE COLLECTED SOME OF THE MOST COMMON QUESTIONS: What sort of PVC sanitary profiles do we offer? We offer … Continue Reading


What Exactly is a Fire Reaction?

WHAT IS A REACTION TO FIRE? The reaction of a product to fire is its contribution to a fire to which it is exposed through its decomposition. It is concerned with the combustibility and ignitability of building materials, and it can be used to calculate how much energy they contribute to the spread of a … Continue Reading

Insulated Panel Price July 2021

Insulated Panel Price Update: July 2021

OVERVIEW OF THE SANDWICH PANEL PRICE IN JULY 2021 We have received many inquiries regarding the July 2021 price update from customers around the world. Most of them have acknowledged the previous price hike and were quite ready for the new coming increase. A few are still hoping that this bubble could end and that the 2020 … Continue Reading

Wholesale point of insulated panels

Aislamart Costa Rica: Come Take a Look!

AISLAMART DE CENTRO AMERICA: OUR WHOLESALE POINT OF INSULATED METAL PANELS IN CENTRAL AMERICA In this blog post, we will introduce Aislamart de Centro America. Firstly, we will shed light on what problem will Aislamart solve for its customers in Costa Rica. Secondly, and most importantly, we will talk about the benefits that Aislamart will … Continue Reading

insulated sandwich panels prices

Insulated Sandwich Panels Price: June 2021

TRENDS OF INSULATED METAL PANELS PRICES: JUNE 2021 Hi everyone, this is Alberto Adriano at Globe Panels. Follow us on our Facebook, YouTube channels to receive the latest update on the thermal insulation and insulated panels in particular. The topic of today is the price increase of insulated metal panels of 2021. What’s the situation … Continue Reading

Purchase Insulated Metal Panels

Purchase Insulated Metal Panels in Local Currency

PROTECT THE MONEY OF YOUR BUSINESS: PAY FOR INSULATED METAL PANELS IN YOUR CURRENCY. We care about the efficiency of our business as well as about our client’s business as our strategic partners. Everybody who has purchased insulated metal panels from abroad knows that it can be costly due to the current international payments system. … Continue Reading

insulated metal panels price

Insulated Metal Panels Price During Covid-19

INSULATED METAL PANELS PRICE DURING COVID-19: WHY INSULATED METAL PANEL PRICES HAVE SURGED? No panic! It is what we say when we think about insulated metal panels’ price in these weeks. We’ve seen a steep increase since January 2021, but the roots of these hikes go back to 2020. In 2020, we saw a sudden, profound … Continue Reading

Condensation Cold - Room Floor

How to Avoid Condensation Below a Cold-Room Floor?

HOW TO MAINTAIN DRY THE FLOOR OF A COLD-ROOM? We all know that when we install a freezer cold-room, the temperature inside the cold-room may cause condensation on the floor. It happens more often if the climate is warm and wet. In this blog post, we will shed light on what causes condensation and we will … Continue Reading

How to Renew a Processing Room?

How to Renew a Processing Room?

HOW TO RENEW A COLD-ROOM OR A PROCESSING ROOM?  How to renew a panel wall and make it look new and hygienic is a question we hear frequently. There are different methods of renewing a cold-room. Today we will focus on one specific way to renew an insulated metal panel wall or ceiling that compose … Continue Reading

Advantage of Flexible Industrial Protection

What is an Advantage of Flexible Industrial Protection?

PROTECTING YOUR MONEY – THE REAL ADVANTAGE OF THE FLEXIBLE PROTECTION Often, when describing the advantages of flexible industrial protections, customers ask me one question. That question is always the same: how can industrial protection be flexible? How can something flexible protect a rack from an impact with a forklift? That question is because we … Continue Reading


How Can Insulated Metal Panels Prevent Covid-19?

HOW CAN IMPs PREVENT COVID-19? The duration of the outbreak of Covid-19 is forcing us to rethink our hygiene needs, especially in the refrigerated cold-chain. In the cold-chain, hygiene has always been an issue. The reports tell us that the Covid-19 virus has passed to humans in a Chinese slaughterhouse. It’s not the first time. It … Continue Reading

thermal insulation for industrial refrigeration

Get Ready!  More Refrigeration Urgently Needed!

THERMAL INSULATION FOR INDUSTRIAL REFRIGERATION The world needs more refrigerated warehouses insulation for refrigeration. The increased need for refrigerated space to warehouse perishable goods became evident during the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemics. At that time, the current available refrigerated space struggled to handle thousands of tons of refrigerated food that restaurants and cafes could not … Continue Reading


FAQ: Fire Reaction of Insulated Metal Panel

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT FIRE REACTION OF INSULATED METAL PANEL 1. WHAT’S A B, S1-D0 CLASS INSULATED METAL PANEL? It means that the insulated metal panel has an outstanding reaction to fire. Let’s see it in details: “B” class indicates that the sandwich panel contributes very little to the spread of fire. “B” class is the … Continue Reading

joint refrigeration panel

The Future of Cold – Room Panels? Better Joint

WHAT WILL THE FUTURE WITHHOLD FOR REFRIGERATION INSULATED PANELS? It is an interesting question that we are going to answer in this article. The need for thermal insulation for refrigerated construction has been increasing steadily in the past few years. The building standards have evolved towards better solutions to the issues that installers face in the … Continue Reading

Types of Joints For Wall Insulated Panels

Types of Joints For Wall Insulated Panels

WHICH TYPES OF JOINTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR WALL INSULATED PANELS? Recently, we have received a few inquiries from a customer in South Africa regarding the types of joints for our wall panels. Particularly regarding the difference between our four types of joint and their use. We have four types of joints that are available for our … Continue Reading

4 Solutions to Hermetic Cold - Room Door

4 Solutions to Hermetic Cold – Room Door

THE IMPORTANCE OF AN HERMETICITY OF COLD – ROOM DOOR In the past years, we’ve collected a remarkable experience over what happens to cold-room insulated panels, cold-room doors, and fittings after the installation. The range of applications is wide enough to cover the vast majority of cases of post-installation failures in many countries. WHAT IS THE … Continue Reading

working temperature pvc profiles

The Working Temperature of PVC Sanitary Profiles

THE WORKING TEMPERATURE OF PVC SANITARY PROFILES Since food safety has become a mainstream topic, we have received many inquiries about food-related products in our range. Today I chose to answer a few questions about PVC Sanitary profiles that we have received in the past weeks. We start for a query received from Ricardo of … Continue Reading

refrigerated warehousing

How Covid-19 is Impacting Industrial Refrigeration?

INCREASED DEMAND FOR REFRIGERATED WAREHOUSING The increase in demand for refrigerated warehousing is real: in the last few weeks, all the companies that are working in industrial refrigeration have seen a surge of orders. The reason for it lies in the sudden increase in demand for fresh food that has struck the food industry. Due to the … Continue Reading

Overlapping of The Roof Insulated Panel: Why is it Important?

WHAT IS AN OVERLAPPING OF THE ROOF INSULATED PANEL: WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? A few months ago, I received a call from our trusted customer, Mr. Didier, who had purchased Rockwool roof panels. He resold roof panels to a company that installed them on the roof of their building. That company was claiming to Mr. … Continue Reading

Modular Cold Storage

What Does Smart Modular Cold Storage Mean?

THE FACTORS TO CONSIDER WHEN LOOKING FOR A COLD STORAGE SOLUTION In this blog post, we will focus on the factors that you should take into consideration if you are looking for a cold storage solution. You will consider the costs of installation, space requirements, fittings with your current premises and facilities, and the cost of … Continue Reading

industrial insulated roof

Photovoltaic Roof: What’s Cheap Today Will Cost You a Lot Tomorrow

PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR PANELS ON INDUSTRIAL ROOF PANELS At Globe Panels, we are committed to the idea of clean energy. Therefore, in this blog post, we will talk about photovoltaic solar panels. A decade ago, Europe discovered that photovoltaic panels could be perfectly placed on roof insulated metal panels. The idea was simple: every year, factories … Continue Reading

controlled atmosphere cold storage

Advantages of Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storage

Controlled Atmosphere: Tips For a Perfect Installation of Insulated Metal Panels The controlled atmosphere is an ever-growing field of application for insulated metal panels. Therefore, in this blog, we will talk about a controlled atmosphere of cold storage. Firstly, we will start with the controlled atmosphere definition. Secondly, we will shed light on the controlled … Continue Reading


K-Value, U-Value, R-Value: How To Measure Thermal Insulation

HOW TO MEASURE THERMAL INSULATION? In most applications, the primary feature of thermal insulation material is its ability to reduce heat exchange between a surface and the environment; or between one surface and another surface. The general rule is the lower a material’s thermal conductivity, the greater its ability to insulate for given material thickness and set of … Continue Reading

Which Type of Insulation To Choose: PIR, PUR Foams or Rockwool, insulated metal panel, rockwool insulated metal panel

Which Type of Insulation To Choose: PIR, PUR Foams or Rockwool?

STILL UNDECIDED AMONG PIR, PUR FOAMS, AND ROCKWOOL INSULATED METAL PANEL? If you are about to choose which type of insulation to use for your building, then you’ve better read this article. Firstly, I’ll describe the difference between PIR, PUR foams, and Rockwool insulation. Secondly, I will tell you when to use a different type … Continue Reading


Cooler and Freezer: Not Only a Matter of Temperature

COOLER AND FREEZER: NOT ONLY A MATTER OF TEMPERATURE. We have recently received an interesting inquiry from a customer. He was asking us if we could turn an existing cooler into a freezer to save on a new installation. Eventually, we have decided to explain to you why it is not a good idea to … Continue Reading

choose pvc industrial protection, advantages of flexible industrial protection

5 Points Checklist: Is Your System of Industrial Protection Working?

5 POINTS CHECKLIST: IS YOUR SYSTEM OF INDUSTRIAL PROTECTION WORKING? In this blog post, we would like to share information related to PVC, flexible industrial protection systems. Firstly, we will shed light on why we choose PVC industrial protection. Secondly, we will give you a quick checklist to verify the effectiveness of your existing industrial protection. Finally, … Continue Reading

Different types of PIR foam and its fire behavior

Different Types of PIR Foam and Fire Behavior

DIFFERENT TYPES OF PIR FOAM AND FIRE BEHAVIOR In this article, I would like to share with you some useful information about PIR foam insulated metal panels. Firstly, we will recap what PIR foam is. Secondly, we will explain what the difference between PIR and PUR foam is.  Finally, you will be able to choose … Continue Reading

advantages of using the flat insulation panel for building a cold - room door, ribbed insulated panel

Advantages of Using The Flat Insulated Panel for Building a Cold – Room Door

THE BENEFITS OF THE FLAT INSULATED PANEL FOR A COLD-ROOM DOOR In this blog post, we will share with you some practical tips to assemble an outstanding door for cold storage. Firstly, we will describe a real situation while the cold – room door is made of a ribbed insulated panel. Secondly, we will shed light on the advantages … Continue Reading

fm approved insulated metal panels

When Choose FM Approved Insulated Metal Panel for Your Project?

WHEN CHOOSE FM APPROVED INSULATED METAL PANEL FOR YOUR PROJECT? In today’s article, we will explain the benefits of choosing our FM approved Insulated Metal Panels. First, let’s see what Factory Mutual Approved means. WHAT IS FACTORY MUTUAL APPROVAL? FM approval is the independent testing body of the international insurance company, FM Global.  FM approval … Continue Reading


Hints for Fixing a Cold-Room on a Metallic Structure

HINTS FOR FIXING A COLD-ROOM ON A METALLIC STRUCTURE Fixations in a cold-room can be a difficult topic: let’s see how to cope with it. First of all, let’s see which is the problem here, before describing the solution. Afterward, we will see what the role of nylon insulation discs and the PVC threaded caps … Continue Reading

cold - room door G-door smart

5 Advantages of G-Door Smart

5 ADVANTAGES OF G-DOOR SMART – COLD-ROOM DOOR FOR YOUR COLD STORAGE Customers have lately asked us which are the advantages of using the G-door SMART. As a result, we have decided that we want to explain which solutions our G-doors offer to installers. FIRST OF ALL, THE FRAME IS MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY PVC PROFILES. … Continue Reading

cold-room panel with hermetic joint, cold-room insulating

Retailing Cold-Rooms Insulating Parts: Key Takeaways From RefriAméricas

RETAILING COLD-ROOMS INSULATING PARTS At Refriamericas 2019, in Miami last week, many clients and visitors came to our booth. Many were interested in our SMART cold-room and cold-room doors, others in the valves, or the quantum control. INSULATED COLD-ROOM PANEL WITH HERMETIC JOINT Our insulated cold-room panel with hermetic joint attracted the attention of many … Continue Reading

pir insulated duct board system

The Air – Conditioned PIR Insulated Duct Board System: Fire Classification

THE AIR-CONDITIONED PIR INSULATED DUCT BOARD SYSTEM: FIRE CLASSIFICATION We are starting today a series of articles about the A/C PIR insulated duct board. PIR insulated duct boards is a brilliant system to build ducts for air conditioning. WHAT IS THE AIR – CONDITIONED PIR INSULATED DUCT BOARD SYSTEM? It’s a system that uses pre-insulated … Continue Reading

How the development of the cold-chain can reduce the food-waste?

How the Development of Cold-Chain Can Actively Reduce Food Waste?

HOW THE DEVELOPMENT OF COLD-CHAIN CAN ACTIVELY REDUCE FOOD WASTE? Food-waste is an essential topic of discussion these days, as humanity is facing the issue of feeding an ever-growing population. Consequently, I’d like to write about a critical problem: how the development of cold-chain can reduce food waste. The FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of … Continue Reading

How to avoid air - leaks building a cold - room, advantages of labyrinth – joint on cold – room insulated panels

Advantages of Labyrinth – Joint on Cold – Room Insulated Panels

ADVANTAGES OF LABYRINTH – JOINT ON COLD -ROOM INSULATED PANELS 1′ reading It’s essential to know when to use a labyrinth – joint insulated panel in a project. In this article, we are going through the main advantages of the labyrinth – joint on cold – room insulated panels. Above all, we will share some … Continue Reading

when to use PVDF and PVC coating on insulated metal panels

When to Use PVDF and PVC Coating on Insulated Metal Panels?

WHEN TO USE PVDF AND PVC COATING ON INSULATED METAL PANELS? Recently, a customer asked me to explain the difference between the various types of steel coatings on insulated metal panels. Why is it important to know that? Because each type of coating has different characteristics that create a real customer advantage. So in this post, … Continue Reading

What to consider when choosing an insulated panel for your project, consider choosing insulated panel

What to Consider When Choosing an Insulated Panel for Your Project?

WHAT FACTORS SHOULD YOU CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING INSULATED METAL PANELS? With the increase in the use of insulating panels, many customers think that insulated panels became a commodity. WHAT IS A COMMODITY? “A commodity is an economic good or service that has full or substantial fungibility: that is, the market treats instances of the good as equivalent or … Continue Reading

que es el puente térmico en un cuarto frío, WHAT IS THE THERMAL BRIDGE IN COLD ROOM

Nylon Fasteners And PVC Sanitary Profiles Eliminate Thermal Bridges in Cold Room

NYLON FASTENERS AND PVC SANITARY PROFILES ELIMINATE THERMAL BRIDGES IN COLD-ROOM In this article, we will discuss thermal bridges in a cold room. Even more, how Nylon fasteners and PVC sanitary profiles help to reduce or to avoid thermal bridges in the cold storage. WHAT IS THE THERMAL BRIDGE? The thermal bridge is a circumscribed area of … Continue Reading

how to increase the level of ISO of a cleanroom, Stainless steel insulated panels improve ISO of your cleanroom

Stainless Steel Insulated Panels Improve the ISO of a Cleanroom

HOW TO INCREASE THE LEVEL OF ISO OF A CLEANROOM When designing a controlled environment it is important to clearly understand what the application of a cleanroom will be and how you can increase the level of ISO of a cleanroom. In this blog post, we will share insights you have first evaluate when designing a controlled … Continue Reading

advantages of stainless steel, When is it necessary to use insulated panels in stainless steel, What is 304 stainless type

When to Use Stainless Steel Insulated Panels?

WHEN TO USE STAINLESS STEEL INSULATED PANELS? I have recently received a few inquiries regarding a special finishing for insulated panels: Stainless Steel. There are several types of Stainless Steel on the market. But we will focus on the 304 class of Stainless Steel.  Stainless steel owes its name to the ability to resist rusting … Continue Reading

how to keep the cost of cold-rooms low

How to Keep Refrigeration Costs Low to Be Competitive on The Global Market?

HOW TO REDUCE REFRIGERATION COSTS IN ORDER TO COMPETE IN THE GLOBAL MARKET? Globe Panels visited FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin last week! Therefore, we would like to share with you new insights into the fruit export markets. There were present many fruit growers and fruit exporters from around the world at the trade show. The purpose unites … Continue Reading

difference between PUR and RockWool insulated panels

What Is The Difference Between PUR And Rockwool Insulated Panels?

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PUR & ROCKWOOL INSULATED PANELS In this blog post, you will find everything you should know about the difference between PUR and Rockwool insulated metal panels. Firstly, we will explain the difference in the insulating core of the panel. Secondly, we will dive into details and explain more carefully the different characteristics of PUR and … Continue Reading

How To Become Successful insulated panels distributor, insulated panels and accessories

How To Become A Successful Insulated Panel Distributor?

HOW TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL DISTRIBUTOR OF INSULATED PANELS AND ACCESSORIES? In every business, the return on investment is an important measure of performance. But what makes an insulated panel reseller efficacious? In this blog post, we are going to shed light on how to become a successful insulated panel distributor. I’ve explained in the previous … Continue Reading

How to make money reselling metal sandwich panels?

How To Make Money in Metal Sandwich Panels Retail?

INSULATED METAL PANEL RETAIL In this blog post, firstly, we will explain what a metal sandwich panel is and what is the application of the insulated sandwich panel. Also, we will share our insights on how to make money in metal sandwich panels retail. Moreover, how to become a successful retailer of insulated panels. WHAT IS A … Continue Reading

high - speed door for cold storage

High – Speed Door For Cold Storage: A Valuable Asset in Cold – Room

HIGH – SPEED DOOR IS A VALUABLE ASSET IN COLD STORAGE We’ll start this article by exploring what high – speed doors are, and why they are essential. Then, we’ll examine examples of improper use of cold – room doors. Finally, we’ll go into how a high – speed door for cold storage helps the sliding cold-room door to last longer. … Continue Reading

purchase of insulated sandwich panels, Insulated metal panels prices,

Insulated Metal Panels Prices: How To Save Money On Its Purchase

HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON THE PURCHASE OF INSULATED METAL PANELS? In this blog post, we will share our knowledge and we will go through insulated metal panel price characteristics. We will explain to you how to save money on the purchase of insulated sandwich panels. APPROACH TO THE EFFICIENT PURCHASE OF INSULATED PANELS Are you a … Continue Reading

PVC Wall Protection for insulated panel wall

PVC Wall Protection: A Smart Shield For Insulated Panel Wall

PVC WALL PROTECTION FOR INSULATED PANEL WALL In this article, we are going to discuss the benefits of using PVC Wall Protection in your cold room. Additionally, we will explain why you should spend a few minutes checking out the Globe Panels line of PVC Wall Protection for insulated panel walls and how you can … Continue Reading

What Are PVC Sanitary Profiles? Why Use PVC Profiles In The Cold Room?

INTRODUCTION: PVC SANITARY PROFILES We’ll start this article by exploring what PVC Sanitary Profiles are, and why they are important. Then, we’ll explain why to use PVC profiles in the cold room and we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of the usage of PVC profiles in industrial spaces. WHAT ARE PVC SANITARY PROFILES? Polyvinyl chloride, abbreviated PVC, is a synthetic plastic polymer, … Continue Reading

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