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Advantages of Controlled Atmosphere Cold Storage

Controlled Atmosphere: Tips For a Perfect Installation of Insulated Metal Panels

The controlled atmosphere is an ever-growing field of application for insulated metal panels. Therefore, in this blog, we will talk about a controlled atmosphere of cold storage. Firstly, we will start with the controlled atmosphere definition. Secondly, we will shed light on the controlled atmosphere application. Finally, we will explain which type of sandwich panels is the most suitable for the controlled atmosphere cold storage construction.


The controlled atmosphere is a storage method that extends the life of fruit and vegetables by controlling the concentration of gases that influence the ripening process of fruits and vegetables.


The use of a controlled atmosphere brings many different advantages but mainly increases the life of fruit and vegetables. How does that work? Fruit and vegetables ripen by breathing different gases, so the controlled atmosphere controls that “breath” to slow down the ripening process.


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Here you can find insightful information about controlled atmosphere techniques.

Now that we cleared what controlled atmosphere is, let’s see what role plays insulated metal panels in its construction. Such an environment, to be effective, must be as gas-tight as possible; in other words, the gases that are outside must stay outside. The issue, of course, lies in the joints: in an ideal world, the joints of insulated metal panels perfectly seal the environment. In the real world, things are different. Even the most perfect installation must cope with the dilatation of the metal sheets, with the settling of the metallic structure, and with telluric movements that may alter the air-tightness of the joints.


Is there a type of sandwich panel that is most suitable for the Controlled Atmosphere? Yes, there is a type of insulated metal panel that has a special joint. It requires on-site foaming, to guarantee a perfect air-tightness (Foto 1).

controlled atmosphere storage

Foto 1. Insulated metal panel with a special joint, that guarantees a perfect air-tightness

It is undoubtedly the best solution; unfortunately, it increases the costs of installation, and it usually is available only on a few thicknesses of insulation.

Is there another way to close the joints to create an airtight environment? The most practical and cost-efficient solution is to use a special sealant. This sealant is a particular type of resin that creates a hermetic environment. It closes all the gaps that allow the gases to enter a controlled atmosphere environment. By being elastic, it follows the natural movements of the insulated metal panels in a life-span of a cold-room.

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