When Use Insulated Metal Panel, COLD-ROOM PANELS JOINT

When To Use 240mm (9.44 in) Insulated Metal Panel?


Johan from Colombia asked us when we published a few pictures of 240mm wall insulated panels. Actually, one doesn’t often see such a huge thickness of insulation in a cold room panel.

The production of panels for ultra-low temperatures runs once every 6 or 8 weeks to fulfill specific projects. In this case, the sandwich panels will travel to the construction site of a refrigerated, vertical warehouse. Here, the construction company will install them horizontally, one on the other, until they reach 30 meters above the ground.


These cold-room panels feature an exceptional joint that we call wet or “foamed” joint. Such insulated panels come with a female/female joint. Moreover, to connect these panels, we have to add two special metal flashings that we’ll keep separated by a spacer. Metal flashings will unite every panel, creating a small gap filled with PIR liquid foam. The spacer that we’ve placed before, will keep the steel caps at the right distance while we inundate the gap with liquid insulation. This operation requires specific skills, as the foam has to be injected very quickly to fill the gap between the panels before the foam turns solid. Once the polyisocyanurate foam is in contact with air, it grows in volume and turns solid, preventing the liquid foam from penetrating further into the joints. Once the liquid PIR foam turns solid, we have successfully sealed all the gaps and connected all the panels.

That type of connection allows us to say that the wall we create is a whole, joint-less wall—the same stands for the ceiling.

Experts consider that the wet joint is the best joint ever because it reaches the highest possible degree of air-tightness.

This way, when the refrigerated warehouse will start operating, there will be no weak points in the insulation. The insulating core will be free from breaks and interruptions. If you decide to check it with a thermal scanner, you will be surprised to see the exceptional result our foamed joint insulated panel will achieve.


The 240mm (9,44in) insulated panel can be used to build a refrigerated warehouse. Moreover, they feature an exceptional “wet” joint. Experts consider that the “wet” joint is the best joint ever because it reaches the highest possible degree of air-tightness. Here, you can find more information about the Types of Joints For Wall Insulated Panels.


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