Which Type of Insulation To Choose: PIR, PUR Foams or Rockwool, insulated metal panel, rockwool insulated metal panel

Which Type of Insulation To Choose: PIR, PUR Foams or Rockwool?


If you are about to choose which type of insulation to use for your building, then you’ve better read this article. Firstly, I’ll describe the difference between PIR, PUR foams, and Rockwool insulation. Secondly, I will tell when to use a different type of insulation that can have an insulated metal panel. Finally, you will understand what the insulation power of the Rockwool insulated metal panel is.

Customers frequently ask me about the difference between PIR, PUR foams, and Rockwool insulation when purchasing our insulated metal panels. The fact is that the difference is simple. But still, it’s not easy to decide which type of thermal insulation suit the project needs best.


PUR and PIR share the same insulating characteristics; they both are an extremely efficient insulating material. The difference lies in their behavior towards the fire. PUR has a poor fire performance, while PIR can have excellent fire behavior. More advantages of PIR and PUR insulated products we have described here. And here, you can find more information about how to choose PIR foam insulated panels that best suit your project needs.


Rockwool has a lower thermal insulating power. In other words, one will need more Rockwool to have the same insulation of PUR and PIR foams. What does that mean? It means that one can replace 50mm of PUR or PIR insulation with an 80mm Rockwool sandwich panel. So, why using Rockwool then? Because Rockwool insulation has the best fire performance available and can be rated up to more than 4 hours of fire resistance.

Before choosing between PIR, PUR foams, and Rockwool insulated metal panel answer these questions:

  1. Do I need an enhanced fire behavior? Then go for PIR or Rockwool sandwich panels.
  2. Do I have specific requirements over fire performance by my insurance? Then consider choosing FM approved insulated metal panels. In this case, you may be interested in when choose FM Approved insulated metal panel for your project?


Codes and legislation that regulate constructions are getting stricter. While talking about the fire behavior of insulated metal panels, fire prevention is what we have to focus on. Now you know that PIR and Rockwool sandwich panel will be the better choice for your project. Also, here, you can find a quick overview of what to consider when choosing an insulated panel for your project.

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Alberto Adriano

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