Overlapping of The Roof Insulated Panel: Why is it Important?


A few months ago, I received a call from our trusted customer, Mr. Didier, who had purchased Rockwool roof panels. He resold roof panels to a company that installed them on the roof of their building.

That company was claiming to Mr. Didier that the panel was not working well, and waterdrops were falling from the roof inside the building. When performing the first on-site inspection, Mr. Didier hadn’t noticed anything wrong in the installation of the panel. He has a long experience on insulated panels, but he was about to give up on the claim when he phoned me and sent me some pictures of the roof installation.


When we went inspecting the site, I checked that the roof panels had been delivered to the site without overlapping.

The overlapping of an insulated metal panel means taking off the last 20 or 30 cm of an insulated metal panel insulation core to fit over another panel or to fit it over the gutter. It is often necessary to do it to install the roof panel. Normally, the factory does it when producing it, for a little extra price. In some cases, the installer can do the overlapping on-site.

In this case, we found out that the installer had not removed all the Rockwool, leaving a few fibers on the upper sheet. He then installed the panel on the gutter side.  The fibers, once in contact with the raindrops, were driving the water up the sheets and inside the building. Consequently, that created the issue that the final customer was complaining about.

We discussed the solution with the installer and the owner of the building. The trusted installer of Mr. Didier’s client had to install a shield between the end of the panel and the gutter, to protect the core of the roof panel. It was the only way to stop the water from coming inside the building.

Overlapping of The Roof Insulated Panel

Mr. Didier was happy that he had asked me for my opinion. And the issue is solved now. The point is that whatever idea or doubt our customer has in mind, we are open to discuss it and evaluate it. You are welcome to reach out for our help.


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Alberto Adriano

✓ Entrepreneur in the field of International Commerce of Industrial Thermal Insulation ✓ Sales Director at Globe Panels Ltd ✓ 12 years of experience in Sandwich Panels ✓ Exporting to Latin America since 2009.

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