pir insulated duct board system

The Air – Conditioned PIR Insulated Duct Board System: Fire Classification

THE AIR-CONDITIONED PIR INSULATED DUCT BOARD SYSTEM: FIRE CLASSIFICATION We are starting today a series of articles about the A/C PIR insulated duct board. PIR insulated duct boards is a brilliant system to build ducts for air conditioning. WHAT IS THE AIR – CONDITIONED PIR INSULATED DUCT BOARD SYSTEM? It’s a system that uses pre-insulated … Continue Reading

AIR CONDITIONING DUCTS, polyurethane foam

7 Advantages of The Air Conditioning Ducts Isolation

7 BENEFITS OF ISOLATION OF AIR CONDITIONING DUCTS 1. QUALITY OF THE AIR AND EFFICIENCY OF THE SYSTEM The internal surface of the air conditioning duct is entirely constructed of aluminum. Therefore, it guarantees clean airflow. The limited flanges used to join individual duct sections together provide a pneumatic hold that consequently improves the efficiency of the system. … Continue Reading

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