thermal insulation for industrial refrigeration

Get Ready!  More Refrigeration Urgently Needed!

THERMAL INSULATION FOR INDUSTRIAL REFRIGERATION The world needs more refrigerated warehouses insulation for refrigeration. The increased need for refrigerated space to warehouse perishable goods became evident during the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemics. At that time, the current available refrigerated space struggled to handle thousands of tons of refrigerated food that restaurants and cafes could not … Continue Reading


FAQ: Fire Reaction of Insulated Metal Panel

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT FIRE REACTION OF INSULATED METAL PANEL 1. WHAT’S A B, S1-D0 CLASS INSULATED METAL PANEL? It means that the insulated metal panel has an outstanding reaction to fire. Let’s see it in details: “B” class indicates that the sandwich panel contributes very little to the spread of fire. “B” class is the … Continue Reading

joint refrigeration panel

The Future of Cold – Room Panels? Better Joint

WHAT WILL THE FUTURE WITHHOLD FOR REFRIGERATION INSULATED PANELS? It is an interesting question that we are going to answer in this article. The need for thermal insulation for refrigerated construction has been increasing steadily in the past few years. The building standards have evolved towards better solutions to the issues that installers face in the … Continue Reading

Types of Joints For Wall Insulated Panels

Types of Joints For Wall Insulated Panels

WHICH TYPES OF JOINTS ARE AVAILABLE FOR WALL INSULATED PANELS? Recently, we have received a few inquiries from a customer in South Africa regarding the types of joints for our wall panels. Particularly regarding the difference between our four types of joint and their use. We have four types of joints that are available for our … Continue Reading

Overlapping of The Roof Insulated Panel: Why is it Important?

WHAT IS AN OVERLAPPING OF THE ROOF INSULATED PANEL: WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? A few months ago, I received a call from our trusted customer, Mr. Didier, who had purchased Rockwool roof panels. He resold roof panels to a company that installed them on the roof of their building. That company was claiming to Mr. … Continue Reading


K-Value, U-Value, R-Value: How To Measure Thermal Insulation

HOW TO MEASURE THERMAL INSULATION? In most applications, the primary feature of thermal insulation material is its ability to reduce heat exchange between a surface and the environment; or between one surface and another surface. The general rule is the lower a material’s thermal conductivity, the greater its ability to insulate for given material thickness and set of … Continue Reading

Which Type of Insulation To Choose: PIR, PUR Foams or Rockwool, insulated metal panel, rockwool insulated metal panel

Which Type of Insulation To Choose: PIR, PUR Foams or Rockwool?

STILL UNDECIDED AMONG PIR, PUR FOAMS, AND ROCKWOOL INSULATED METAL PANEL? If you are about to choose which type of insulation to use for your building, then you’ve better read this article. Firstly, I’ll describe the difference between PIR, PUR foams, and Rockwool insulation. Secondly, I will tell when to use a different type of … Continue Reading

fm approved insulated metal panels

When Choose FM Approved Insulated Metal Panel for Your Project?

WHEN CHOOSE FM APPROVED INSULATED METAL PANEL FOR YOUR PROJECT? In today’s article, we will explain the benefits of choosing our FM approved Insulated Metal Panels. First, let’s see what Factory Mutual Approved means. WHAT IS FACTORY MUTUAL APPROVAL? FM approval is the independent testing body of the international insurance company, FM Global.  FM approval … Continue Reading

How to avoid air - leaks building a cold - room, advantages of labyrinth – joint on cold – room insulated panels

Advantages of Labyrinth – Joint on Cold – Room Insulated Panels

ADVANTAGES OF LABYRINTH – JOINT ON COLD -ROOM INSULATED PANELS 1′ reading It’s essential to know when to use a labyrinth – joint insulated panel in a project. In this article, we are going through the main advantages of the labyrinth – joint on cold – room insulated panels. Above all, we will share some … Continue Reading

when to use PVDF and PVC coating on insulated metal panels

When to Use PVDF and PVC Coating on Insulated Metal Panels?

WHEN TO USE PVDF AND PVC COATING ON INSULATED METAL PANELS? Recently, a customer asked me to explain the difference between the various types of steel coatings on insulated metal panels. Why is it important to know that? Because each type of coating has different characteristics that create a real customer advantage. So in this post, … Continue Reading

What to consider when choosing an insulated panel for your project?

What to Consider When Choosing an Insulated Panel for Your Project?

WHAT TO CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING AN INSULATED PANEL FOR YOUR PROJECT? With the increase of the use of insulating panels, many customers think that insulated panels became a commodity. WHAT IS A COMMODITY? “A commodity is an economic good or service that has full or substantial fungibility: that is, the market treats instances of the good as equivalent … Continue Reading

how to increase the level of ISO of a cleanroom, Stainless steel insulated panels improve ISO of your cleanroom

Stainless Steel Insulated Panels Improve the ISO of a Cleanroom

HOW TO INCREASE THE LEVEL OF ISO OF A CLEANROOM When designing a controlled environment it is important to clearly understand what the application of a cleanroom will be and how you can increase the level of ISO of a cleanroom. In this blog post, we will share insights you have first evaluate when designing a controlled … Continue Reading

advantages of stainless steel, When is it necessary to use insulated panels in stainless steel, What is 304 stainless type

When to Use Stainless Steel Insulated Panels?

WHEN TO USE STAINLESS STEEL INSULATED PANELS? I have recently received a few inquiries regarding a special finishing for insulated panels: Stainless Steel. There are several types of Stainless Steel on the market. But we will focus on the 304 class of Stainless Steel.  Stainless steel owes his name to the ability to resist rusting … Continue Reading

How to make money reselling metal sandwich panels?

How To Make Money in Metal Sandwich Panels Retail?

INSULATED METAL PANEL RETAIL In this blog post, firstly, we will explain what a metal sandwich panel is and what is the application of the insulated sandwich panel. Also, we will share our insights on how to make money in metal sandwich panels retail. Moreover, how to become a successful retailer of insulated panels. WHAT IS A … Continue Reading

purchase of insulated sandwich panels, Insulated metal panels prices,

Insulated Metal Panels Prices: How To Save Money On Its Purchase

HOW TO SAVE MONEY ON PURCHASE OF INSULATED METAL PANELS? In this blog post, we will share our knowledge and we will go through insulated metal panel price characteristics. We will explain to you how to save money on the purchase of insulated sandwich panels. APPROACH OF THE EFFICIENT PURCHASE OF INSULATED PANELS Are you a small … Continue Reading

PVC Wall Protection for insulated panel wall

PVC Wall Protection: A Smart Shield For Insulated Panel Wall

PVC WALL PROTECTION FOR INSULATED PANEL WALL In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of using PVC Wall Protection in your cold room, we will explain why you should spend a few minutes to check out the Globe Panels line of PVC Wall Protection for insulated panel wall and how you can … Continue Reading

warehouse mistakes of sandwich insulated panels Structural Insulated Panel in United States

7 Common warehouse mistakes of sandwich insulated panels handling

In this article, we’ll get you up to speed on the seven common warehouse mistakes of sandwich insulated panels. Knowing basics will help you to avoid unpleasant moments working with insulation panels. Here are a few of the most common warehouse mistakes of sandwich insulated panels and how you can avoid them: #1. Don’t leave your … Continue Reading

How insulation types influence the price of metal sandwich panel

How insulation types influence the price of metal sandwich panel?

It is essential to understand how insulation types influence the price of the metal sandwich panel. The majority of structural insulated panels have either of these three types of insulation: PUR, PIR or Rock Wool. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TYPES OF INSULATION? HOW INSULATION TYPES INFLUENCE THE PRICE OF THE METAL SANDWICH PANEL? PUR … Continue Reading

photovoltaic solar panels, insulated metal panels, solar panels

Aggressive Environment: Solutions for insulated metal panels | PV System

In this blog, we will go through a top-rated application of insulated metal panels: the photovoltaic roof. Firstly, we explain which type of insulated metal panels are the most suitable for a base for photovoltaic solar panels. Secondly, we will shed light on what kind of steel and pre-painting it is necessary to choose. As … Continue Reading

Aggressive marine environment: Solutions for insulation sandwich panels

In the previous article, we examined the case of building construction with sandwich metal panels that host inside processing that creates an aggressive environment, with high and constant humidity and with the presence of aggressive chemical agents. In this article, we elaborate on the case of an aggressive external environment: the sea. The main reason is … Continue Reading

Scratching or damaging sandwich panel

Scratching or damaging insulated metal pane: no panic!

In this blog post, we will write about scratching and damaging of sandwich panel. Firstly, we will share with you a real case of the improper handling of insulated panels. Afterward, we will explain why it is essential to always repair scratches on the surface of the insulated metal panel. A REAL CASE OF IMPROPER … Continue Reading


Every one of us had to decide at least once in life, which color to choose for a new car. 4 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN FACING THE DECISION: Personal taste or corporate style; Availability: we might need that car as soon as possible, therefore a Metallic Grey car may just be fine. The degree of … Continue Reading



In this blogpost we are going to shed light on what is the behaviour of insulated panels towards temperature and what is the working temperature range of insulated panels. WHAT IS THE BEHAVIOUR OF INSULATED PANEL TOWARDS TEMPERATURE? Recently, a new customer asked for some explanation about the upper working temperature limit of a PUR … Continue Reading

difference between reaction and resistance to fire

The Difference Between Reaction And Resistance to Fire: “Euroclass” And “REI / EI”

REACTION TO FIRE & RESISTANCE TO FIRE For safety reasons, it is crucial to understand the difference between reaction and resistance to fire. Therefore, we will stress the importance of prevention and protection of fire systems. SYSTEMS OF FIRE PROTECTION Systems of protection have the purpose of preventing fires. There are Active or Passive systems. Active systems … Continue Reading

pir and pur insulation products

What Are PIR And PUR Insulation Products?

PIR AND PUR INSULATION PRODUCTS In this article, we will talk about PIR and PUR insulation products.  Firstly, we will share with you some interesting historical facts about polyurethane. Secondly, we’ll name the advantages of PIR and PUR insulated products. Finally, we will explain to you what differs rigid PIR from PUR  insulation products. INTERESTING … Continue Reading

Insulated sandwich panels paneles aislados

How to get the most of insulation advantages | FAQ

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION ABOUT INSULATED METAL PANELS In this article, we’ll shed light on how to get the most of the insulation advantages. Therefore, here you can find a guideline to the frequently asked questing regarding insulated metal panels. 1. INSULATED METAL PANELS APPLICATIONS EXTERNAL CLADDINGS Insulated sandwich panels are used for single and occasionally … Continue Reading


5 Advantages of Using PIR or PUR Insulated Sandwich Panels in Agriculture

BENEFITS OF USING PIR AND PIR INSULATED SANDWICH PANELS IN AGRICULTURE In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of using PIR or PUR insulated sandwich panels in the construction of agro-industrial complexes. WHAT DOES AGRO-INDUSTRIAL BUILDING NEED? For sure, the high speed of construction, low-cost, and trouble-free operation for at least 20 years. … Continue Reading

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