Solutions For Insulated Panels

Aggressive Marine Environment: Solutions For Insulated Panels

SOLUTIONS FOR INSULATED PANELS IN AN AGGRESSIVE MARINE ENVIRONMENT In the previous article, we examined the case of building construction with sandwich metal panels that host inside processing that creates an aggressive environment, with high and constant humidity, and with the presence of aggressive chemical agents. In this article, we elaborate on the case of an … Continue Reading

insulated sandwich panels paneles aislados insulating metal panel aggressive environment cold room sandwich panel

Aggressive Cold Room Environment: Solutions For Insulating Metal Panels

Over the years, I often advised on the use of insulating sandwich panels with stainless steel metal supports, when the operating environment was so aggressive as to corrode the standard polyester-coated steel quickly. WHAT IS AN AGGRESSIVE ENVIRONMENT FOR AN INSULATED METAL PANEL? What does an “aggressive environment” mean for an insulating metal panel? Technically, … Continue Reading


Hints on How to Deal With The Damage to The Insulated Metal Panel

GUIDELINES ON HOW TO REPAIR DAMAGES TO THE INSULATED METAL PANEL In this blog post, we will write about the scratching and damaging sandwich panel. Firstly, we will share with you a real case of the improper handling of insulated panels. Afterward, we will explain why it is essential to always repair scratches on the … Continue Reading

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How to Choose Sandwich Panel Color Without Losing Insulation Value?

SANDWICH PANEL COLOR AND INSULATION VALUE Every one of us had to decide at least once in life, which color to choose for a new car. 4 THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN FACING THE DECISION: Personal taste or corporate style; Availability: we might need that car as soon as possible, therefore a Metallic Grey car may … Continue Reading


What is The Working Temperature Range of Insulated Metal Panels?

WORKING TEMPERATURES RANGE OF PUR, PIR, ROCK WOOL INSULATED SANDWICH PANELS In this blog post, we are going to shed light on what is the behavior of insulated panels towards temperature and what is the working temperature range of insulated panels. Temperature Range of Rockwool, PUR & PIR insulated metal panels. WHAT IS THE BEHAVIOUR … Continue Reading

AIR CONDITIONING DUCTS, polyurethane foam

7 Advantages of The Air Conditioning Ducts Isolation

7 BENEFITS OF ISOLATION OF AIR CONDITIONING DUCTS 1. QUALITY OF THE AIR AND EFFICIENCY OF THE SYSTEM The internal surface of the air conditioning duct is entirely constructed of aluminum. Therefore, it guarantees clean airflow. The limited flanges used to join individual duct sections together provide a pneumatic hold that consequently improves the efficiency of the system. … Continue Reading

difference between reaction and resistance to fire

The Difference Between Reaction And Resistance to Fire: “Euroclass” And “REI / EI”

REACTION TO FIRE & RESISTANCE TO FIRE For safety reasons, it is crucial to understand the difference between reaction and resistance to fire. Therefore, we will stress the importance of prevention and protection of fire systems. SYSTEMS OF FIRE PROTECTION Systems of protection have the purpose of preventing fires. There are Active or Passive systems. Active systems … Continue Reading

pir and pur insulation products

What Are PIR And PUR Insulation Products?

PIR AND PUR INSULATION PRODUCTS In this article, we will talk about PIR and PUR insulation products.  Firstly, we will share with you some interesting historical facts about polyurethane. Secondly, we’ll name the advantages of PIR and PUR insulated products. Finally, we will explain to you what differs rigid PIR from PUR  insulation products. INTERESTING … Continue Reading

Insulated sandwich panels paneles aislados

How to Get the Most of Insulation Advantages | FAQs

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT INSULATED METAL PANELS In this article, we’ll shed light on how to get the most out of the insulation advantages. Therefore, here you can find a guideline to the frequently asked questing regarding insulated metal panels. 1. INSULATED METAL PANELS APPLICATIONS EXTERNAL CLADDINGS Insulated sandwich panels are used for single and … Continue Reading


5 Advantages of Using PIR or PUR Insulated Sandwich Panels in Agriculture

BENEFITS OF USING PIR AND PIR INSULATED SANDWICH PANELS IN AGRICULTURE In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of using PIR or PUR insulated sandwich panels in the construction of agro-industrial complexes. WHAT DOES AGRO-INDUSTRIAL BUILDING NEED? For sure, the high speed of construction, low-cost, and trouble-free operation for at least 20 years. … Continue Reading

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