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Photovoltaic Roof: What’s Cheap Today Will Cost You a Lot Tomorrow

PHOTOVOLTAIC SOLAR PANELS ON INDUSTRIAL ROOF PANELS At Globe Panels, we are committed to the idea of clean energy. Therefore, in this blog post, we will talk about photovoltaic solar panels. A decade ago, Europe discovered that photovoltaic panels could be perfectly placed on roof insulated metal panels. The idea was simple: every year, factories … Continue Reading

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Photovoltaic Systems: Solutions for Insulated Metal Panels

PHOTOVOLTAIC SYSTEMS IN AN AGGRESSIVE ENVIRONMENT In this blog, we will go through a top-rated application of insulated metal panels: the photovoltaic roof. Firstly, we explain which type of insulated metal panels are the most suitable for a base for photovoltaic solar panels. Secondly, we will shed light on what kind of steel and pre-painting … Continue Reading

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