Advantages of labyrinth – joint on cold – room insulated panels

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It’s essential to know when to use a labyrinth – joint insulated panel in a project. In this article, we are going through the main advantages of the labyrinth – joint on cold – room insulated panels.

In a standard insulated panel for the cold – room, the traditional tongue and groove joint is a simple barrier to air-leaks. Usually, this standard joint has a gasket that seals the joint, once one installs the insulated metal panels in a cold – room. 


What happens when we use a sandwich panel for building a cold-room at a temperature of -20°C or – 4°F?

When the internal temperature diminishes, it generates a difference in the air pressure. Consequently, that creates a leak through the joints of the cold – room panels. This process creates condensation, ice formation, and finally, it expands the joints of insulated panels, creating such damage that requires costly maintenance. 

Also, condensation provokes by the thermal expansion of the steel surface. Precisely, by an adjustment of the metallic structure or by a light-scale earthquake. 

Unfortunately, these events jeopardize even the best cold-room installation. 


The best solution for a durable refrigerated project is to choose a labyrinth – joint insulated metal panel. First of all, a twin – joint sandwich panel features a unique, and broader internal joint that guarantees that under no circumstances there will be air – leaks. 

Also, the use of labyrinth – joint cold-room panels prevents the flow of air caused by the freezing process. Therefore avoid the formation of condensation.

Moreover, the labyrinth – joint will correctly seal the cold-room, ensure your reputation, and meet your customer expectations.

Finally, it will give your company a competitive advantage because it will improve the quality and durability of the installation.

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Advantages of labyrinth – joint on cold – room insulated panels


Alberto Adriano

Entrepreneur in the field of International Commerce of Industrial Thermal Insulation; Sales Director at Globe Panels Ltd; 12 years of experience in Sandwich Panels; Exporting to Latin America since 2009.
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