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7 Common warehouse mistakes of sandwich insulated panels handling

In this article, we’ll get you up to speed on the seven common warehouse mistakes of sandwich insulated panels. Knowing basics will help you to avoid unpleasant moments working with insulation panels. Here are a few of the most common warehouse mistakes of sandwich insulated panels and how you can avoid them:

#1. Don’t leave your insulated metal panels in a yard under the sun-light.

Why? Because the protective film will stick very tightly to the metal surface. Therefore, it’ll be tough to take it off later;

#2. If you leave the packets of sandwich panels lying on the ground:

place some soft sticks underneath the package and give the packet a pitch, so that rainwater can flow away;

#3. Direct sunlight has another drawback on the metal sandwich panels:

it makes the foam turn yellow very quickly so that your panels will look old although if they are brand new; it’s one of the most common warehouse mistakes of sandwich insulated panels handling.

#4. In the case of Rock Wool sandwich panels, the best thing to do is to keep them in a dry place:

although Rock Wool contains water repellents, it can soak up with water after some time, damaging the panel at its core;

#5. Avoid stacking too many packets of metal sandwich panels on each other;

even if they are strong, it can cause damages if the weight they have to bear it’s too high;

#6. Always check that your warehouse is dry and keep the rust away by letting the air inside.

In case clean the oxidation from the edge of the metal sandwich panels;

#7. The floor of your warehouse must be flat enough so

that panels won’t be bent by its weight.

Now you are familiar with the most common warehouse mistakes of sandwich insulated panels handling and know how to avoid them. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our experts, contact us today for a free consultation.


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