Aggressive marine environment: Solutions for insulation sandwich panels

In the previous article, we examined the case of building construction with sandwich metal panels that host inside processing that creates an aggressive environment, with high and constant humidity and with the presence of aggressive chemical agents. In this article, we elaborate on the case of an aggressive external environment: the sea. The main reason is that the sea could compromise the integrity of metal supports causing rust.

What value do the tranquility and security of not having unpleasant surprises have? It is important to make the right choice so that our money is well spent and our investments are repaid.

It is crucial to know that the pre-painting that is applied to galvanized steel has the function of protecting the metal from chemical aggression to extend its useful life. In addition, it gives the needed color of the sandwich panels for each project.


When you realize the project with insulation sandwich panels, it is necessary to examine the environment in which you place the metal panels carefully. Why so?

Because the standard pre-painting of the insulating metal panel is only suitable for environments that are not very aggressive. Why? Because it is a polyester pre-painting with a thickness of 25 microns. While for more aggressive environments it is necessary to carefully evaluate the most suitable solution.

You need to seek advice from a professional who can advise you on the right solution.

The marine environment is notoriously an aggressive environment. The salt and minerals dissolved in the seawater that is pushed by the wind on the buildings of the coast are a constant source of aggression.

The metal sandwich panel, with the standard coating, is not suitable for this type of environment. Hence it is necessary to use pre-painted steel like those produced by Tata Steel, in the Colorcoat Prisma® series or in the ultra-resistant Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®.


For 3 reasons, namely:

  1. We used it on metal sandwich panels in a building site a few meters from the sea and the result is excellent (for the references, please send us an email);
  2. The price of the insulated metal panel with Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®from Tata Steel is accessible. In addition, it allows to give the investment a useful life from 15 to 40 years, with minimal maintenance;
  3. The guarantee offered by Tata Steel on steel is easy to operate and allows you to secure the investment.

Technologically advanced solution ♦ Attractive price ♦ Guarantee 

Chat with our technical team, to request an offer of the metal sandwich panel suitable for YOUR project.





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Alberto Adriano

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