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Customers have lately asked us which are the advantages of using the G-door SMART. As a result, we have decided that we want to explain which solutions our G-doors offer to installers. FIRST OF ALL, THE FRAME IS MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY PVC PROFILES. The PVC profiles are light and do not transmit heat or cold; […]


Solution for cold storages : A 40% lighter cold – room door!

We are preparing a cold-room door that will be lighter, and cheaper, that traditional cold-room doors. It is a great solution for cold storage.  WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A NEW COLD – ROOM DOOR? Firstly, all components are “Made in Italy” Secondly, very competitive price Custom dimensions to the customer’s need Finally, higher thermal […]

cold storage, cold-room

Case study: Installation of a high – speed door generates a ROI of 225%

In this article we will give you an overview of a recent case study on usage of cold-room doors aimed to double its life-span and reduce operational costs. Description of case study: Object: Installation of a high-speed door doubles the life-span of cold-room sliding doors, and cuts maintenance costs The purpose of this case-study: to demonstrate […]

cold storage, cold-room

Case Study: Cold storage in the logistic center in San Salvador

After describing some issues caused by condensation and introducing our new industrial protections line for cold-room doors and metal sandwich panels, I’d like to present to you a case study in a recently-opened logistic center in San Salvador entirely made of insulated sandwich panels. I was visiting this logistic center in July 2018, and I’ve […]

Practical issues common in cold store set-ups

Practical issues common in cold store set-ups | Condensation | Ice

SOURCES OF HUMIDITY Ice and condensation stem from air laden with undesirable moisture, undergoing a phase change when certain specific conditions arise. The most common sources of such moisture-laden air are: Points of entry where doors/barriers are open for too long and/or close too slowly Inappropriately sealed doors/openings in the outer structure Ineffective sluices and other […]

condensation ice humidity cold store installations, How to manage humidity in cold storage installations

How to manage humidity in cold store installations and tackle ice and condensation?

In this article we will talk about humidity problems in cold storages. How to manage humidity in cold store installations? WHAT IS HUMIDITY? Humidity is an invisible parameter that can ratch up operating costs and furthermore punch big holes in customer satisfaction. Humidity present in the air makes ice and condensation form–resulting in loads of bothersome practical […]

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