Sliding door suitable cold rooms with negative temperatures up to -30°C

Product Description

Sliding door suitable cold rooms with negative temperatures up to -30°C, with patented sliding system “Mirror” model.

  • For negative temperatures up to -30°C
  • Blade thickness 121 mm
  • Polyurethane density 40 Kg/m³
  • Available in one blade or two blades versions


Suitable for cold rooms used for the preservation of foods at a temperature from –25° and up to –35°C.


  • Blade edge in anodized aluminium (thikness 121mm) with PVC profile for second gasket;
  • Covered with plastic-coated metal sheet for food application colour RAL 9010, thickness 5/10 mm;
  • Outside handle: lever;
  • Inside handle:lever;
  • N°2 EPDM double density gaskets on 3 sides;
  • Lower gasket in PVC.

Frame system

  • Frontal frame (140mm) with side frame in PVC colour RAL 9010; the frame is thermo-welded (45°) up to a thickness equal to 160 mm, beyond such thickness it goes (90°) with joints;
  • Counter-frame in PVC, colour RAL 9010, thermo-welded (45°);
  • Threshold S/4, the frame (2 jambs + 1 transom) it’s partially put (80 mm) into the floor. At the bottom of the frame are fixed a tubular made of iron (60 x 60 mm) and another one made of stainless steel (60 x 20 mm), which are recessed into the floor. Only the upper part will result visible at the end of the work. Inside the stainless steel tubular there is the heating cable.
  • Heating cable ~30W/m powered at 220V and put inside the frame.

Sliding system

  • The rear guide consists of:
  1. Aluminium profile: assures the perfect straight sliding of the blade during the opening and the closing;
  2. Clamp: thanks to its sloping level it assures the hermetic closing of the combination door / frame;
  3. Closing cap for the aluminium profile: it avoids the accumulation of dirt.

Sliding system

  • The patented “Mirror” sliding system is totally symmetrical and doesn’t need any adjustment to change the opening way, it consists of:
  1. Sliding profile in extruded anodized aluminium, with anti-fall section
  2. Ramps (or falling bends) on the closing side of the door assure a perfect contact between the door and the frame. They provide the best insulation between the inside and the outside of the cold room.
  3. Extruded anodized aluminium cover (optional) assures simply opening thanks to the hinges assembled on its top, to realize inspection or cleaning services.

Blade/frame system

  • Plastic pulleys, by means of with the door slides along the “mirror” sliding system; they are adjustable both in height than in depth,
  • Adjustable rear register, by means of with the door slides along the rear guide;
  • Lower closing hook: plastic hook on the closing side of the frame assures the hermetic contact between the door and the frame during the closing;
  • Plastic striker of the lower closing hook on the handle side of the blade: when close the door it goes into the lower hook and assures the hermetic contact between the door and the frame.

Standard dimensions one blade version

  • Up to 3000x3500mm;
  • When both sides have a dimension bigger than 2500 mm, the blade is divided, horizontally, in two parts (the lower part is realized with H=1250mm while the upper part is given by the difference) and the frame is supplied dismounted;
  • For bigger dimensions this type of door is produced with not standard spare parts (i.e. pulleys made of stainless steel having wheels in aluminium, sliding rail in stainless steel, and so on).

Standard dimensions two blades version

  • Up to 5000x3500mm;
  • When the width is higher than 2500mm the frame goes dismounted.


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