Mastering Ceiling Suspension Systems for Industrial Cold Storage


Nylon is one of the strongest grades of engineering plastic. Moreover, finished off with a plug, giving a neat, hygienic, and clean finish.

Nylon ceiling accessories are ideal for situations when an application requires the use of metal fixings. In other words, where the insulating qualities and strength of nylon are important.


For an application requiring the use of metal fixings.

AS9100 certificate confirms the aerospace industry quality standard of products in Nylon.

What is Ceiling Suspension System for?

A ceiling suspension system is the unsung hero of industrial cold storage. These systems are engineered to withstand harsh temperatures and support the very bones of a warehouse’s cold storage area. They ensure optimal cooling efficiency, providing a stable framework for insulated panels.

In the world of industrial cold storage, ceiling suspension systems play an integral role. These specially-designed systems are the bedrock of your cold storage infrastructure. They hold up insulated panels, forming a protective cocoon around your stored goods. They are not just a mere physical framework but contribute to the meticulous control of freezing temperatures, which is vital in industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, and more. Therefore, their purpose extends beyond structural support to becoming a key player in temperature regulation and product preservation.

Where can I install the Ceiling Suspension System?

You can install these robust systems in any industrial cold storage space. From food processing plants to pharmaceutical warehouses, they suit various industries. Always engage a professional installer for precise and efficient installation.

How do I use the Ceiling Suspension System?

Once installed, the suspension system seamlessly integrates into your warehouse structure. There’s no daily use or manual operations. Its role is continuous, supporting the cold storage area and maintaining optimal temperature control.

Why is the Ceiling Suspension System useful?

Beyond mere support, these systems have a significant impact on energy efficiency. They minimize thermal bridges, reducing energy consumption. Moreover, they maximize the lifespan of your cold storage area, contributing to overall cost-effectiveness.

Unpacking the benefits, we see the broader utility of these systems. On one hand, they bolster the physical integrity of your storage area, helping it withstand wear and tear over the years. On the other hand, their contribution to energy efficiency is a boon in the era of sustainability. By minimizing thermal bridges – places where heat can escape or enter –, they curtail energy leakage. This pro means your cooling systems use less energy to maintain the desired temperatures, significantly saving costs. Furthermore, by enhancing the durability of your cold storage area, they mitigate the need for frequent, costly repairs or replacements.

In an industry where every degree and dollar counts, these ceiling suspension systems are a critical investment.

Indeed, addressing thermal bridges is a vital aspect of energy efficiency. Our T and Omega suspensions provide an innovative solution. They boast a unique design that helps to eliminate thermal bridges.

At the heart of their design is the use of PVC layering. This layer isolates the metal bolt from the metallic suspension. Consequently, it prevents the metal-on-metal contact that can lead to heat transfer.

In effect, the PVC layer acts as a thermal barrier. It prevents heat energy from easily escaping or entering your cold storage area. Thus, these suspensions maintain temperature stability with more efficiency.

Hence, the T and Omega suspensions don’t just offer structural support. They become critical players in the larger energy-saving strategy. So, they go above and beyond, ensuring your cold storage runs at peak performance.

Ultimately, investing in T and Omega suspensions equates to investing in durability and sustainability. Thanks to this ingenious design, your business can benefit from significant cost savings and environmental stewardship.


In conclusion, ceiling suspension systems are a vital yet overlooked component of industrial cold storage. Their invaluable role in optimizing energy efficiency and durability makes them a necessary investment for any industry relying on cold storage.

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