Why use PVC Wall Protection?

Polyvinyl chloride PVC Wall Protection is ideal for protection of industrial spaces thanks to its big size and resistance. Therefore this innovative system adds value to your cold-room installations and keep your customers satisfied.

Moreover, fixed caps with hidden screws covered by specific buttons.

First of all, let’s focus on the problem. In any contest, either a small cold-room or a large logistic center, light or heavy-duty forklifts move goods around. It often happens that they hit insulated sandwich panel walls, cold-room doors, refrigeration racks and operating lines.

In the best-case scenario, these hits cause scratches on the steel surface of an insulated sandwich panel, that only costly hand-work can fix them. Always remember that scratches cause rust.

But often forklift perforate the metal plate of insulated panels, it can even break its joint, causing condensation along with rust.

Set a system of PVC Wall Protection for insulated panel wall, cold-room doors up spending less than half of the money than you will spend repairing the cold-room insulated panel walls, all cold-room doors and rapid-roll doors and racks.

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