Positive temperature sliding doors

Product Description

Sliding door without frame, with light sliding system, for cold rooms at a positive temperature.

  • Sliding
  • For positive temperature
  • Blade thickness 68mm
  • Polyurethane density: 40Kg/m³


Suitable for cold rooms used for the preservation, processing and seasoning of foods at a positive temperature (0°C minimum).
The 240AM doors are mainly used in: plants for the meat processing, cheese factories, deposits for the preservation of fruit and vegetables, slaughters, food warehouses, shops (delicatessen, fish shops, ice cream parlour…), plant for the fish transformation, ice cream industry.


  • Blade edge in anodized aluminium (thicness 68mm);
  • Covered with plastic-coated metal sheet colour RAL 9010, thickness 5/10;
  • Fixed side handle;
  • Plastic deep-set inside handle;
  • Double density EPDM Gasket on 3 sides;
  • Lower gasket in PVC.

Frame system

  • Without frame, flush panel;
  • Flush floor threshold S/3 (without threshold);

Sliding system

  • The light sliding system is made of:
  1. Upper rail made of an aluminium profile with 2 semi-cut (incisions deforming the aluminium without removing the material) in order to have 2 falling ramps;
  2. Two travel-stop at the ends of the rail reduce the impact on the closing and the opening side of the door;
  3. Cover made of a folded metal sheet with 2 plastic heads at the ends;
  4. Lower track inside the blade .


  • Aluminium pulleys adjustable in height and dept;
  • Adjustable rear register, by means of which the door slides along the lower guide;
  • Lower closing hook: it’s made of plastic and assembled on the closing side of the frame and during the closing it assures the hermetic contact between the door and the frame;
  • Plastic striker of the lower closing hook on the handle side of the blade: during the closing of the door it goes into the lower hook and assures the hermetic contact between the door and the frame.

Standard dimensions

Up to 1500 x 2500 mm.


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