Hinged door for cold rooms with negative temperatures up to -45°C

Product Description

Hinged door suitable cold rooms having negative temperatures up to -45°C , with CSI handle certified EN179:2008 handle and heating cable into the frame.

  • For negative temperatures up to -45°C
  • Blade thickness 151 mm
  • Polyurethane density 40 Kg/m³
  • Available in one blade or two blades versions


Suitable for cold rooms for the preservation of foods at a temperature from –40° and up to –45°C.


  • Blade edge in anodized aluminium (thikness 151 mm) with PVC profile for second gasket;
  • Covered with plastic-coated metal sheet for food application colour RAL 9010, thickness 5/10;
  • CSI handle certified EN179:2008, without key;
  • N. 2 Double density EPDM gasket on 3 sides;
  • PVC lower gasket;
  • Heating cable ~30W/m powered at 220V and put inside the gasket on the blade.

Frame system

  • Frame and side-frame “L” 110/60 in PVC colour RAL 9010; the frame is thermo-welded (45°) up to a thickness equal to 160 mm, beyond such thickness it’s assembled (90°) with joints;
  • Counter-frame in PVC, colour RAL 9010, thermo-welded (45°);
  • Threshold S/4, the frame (2 jambs + 1 transom) it’s partially put (80 mm) into the floor. At the bottom of the frame are fixed a tubular made of iron (60 x 60 mm) and another one made of stainless steel (60 x 20 mm), which are recessed into the floor. Only the upper part will result visible at the end of the work. Inside the stainless steel tubular there is the heating cable;
  • Heating cable ~30W/m powered at 220V and put inside the frame.

Blade/frame system 

Hinges not adjustable

Standard dimensions for one blade version

  • Up to 1200x2500mm: blade having just the CSI handle;
  • From 1200x2500mm up to 1500x2500mm: blade having CSI handle + closing latch (additional closing system with spring).

Standard dimensions for two blades version

  • Up to 3000x2500mm;
  • Mobile part (the right one, if not otherwise specified) and a semi-fixed blade (with 2 internal hatches, 1 upon and 1 below) that can have a total width double compared to the one blade version.
  • The two blades can have different widths, even if generally the fixed one is more narrow.

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