Hinged door suitable for negative temperatures up to -25°C

Product Description

Hinged door suitable for negative temperatures up to -25°C, with CSI handle certified EN179:2008 and heating cable on the blade.

  • For negative temperatures up to -25°C
  • Blade thickness 121mm
  • Polyurethane density: 40 Kg/m³
  • Available in one blade or two blades versions narrow.


Suitable for cold rooms used for the processing and the preservation of foods at a temperature from -18°C and up to –25°C.

The 604 LWT doors application: plants for the meat processing, cheese factories, deposits for the preservation of fruit and vegetables, slaughters, food warehouses, shops (delicatessen, fish shops, ice cream parlour…), plant for the fish transformation, ice cream industry.


  • Blade edge in anodized aluminium (thickness 121 mm);
  • Covered with plastic-coated metal sheet for food application colour RAL 9010, thickness 5/10;
  • CSI handle certified EN179:2008, without key;
  • Double density EPDM gasket on 3 sides;
  • PVC lower gasket;
  • Heating cable ~30W/m powered at 220V and put inside the gasket on the blade.

Frame system

  • Frame and side-frame “L” 110/60 in PVC colour RAL 9010; the frame is thermo-welded (45°) up to a thickness equal to 160 mm, beyond such thickness it’s assembled (90°) with joints;
  • Counter-frame in PVC, colour RAL 9010, thermo-welded (45°);
  • Threshold S/3 with the frame (2 jambs + 1 transom) partially put (60 mm) into the floor. At the bottom of the frame it’s fixed an “L” beam made of iron which is recessed into the floor. Only the upper part will result visible at the end of the work.

Blade/frame system 

Hinges not adjustable

Standard dimensions for one blade version

  • Up to 1200x2500mm: blade having just the CSI handle;
  • From 1200x2500mm up to 1500x2500mm: blade having CSI handle + closing latch (additional closing system with spring).

Standard dimensions for two blades version

  • Up to 3000x2500mm;
  • There are mobile part (the right one, if not otherwise specified) and a semi-fixed blade (with 2 internal hatches, 1 upon and 1 below) that can have a total width double compared to the one blade version.
  • The two blades can have different widths, even if generally the fixed one is requested narrower.
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