Flexible PVC Bollard

Case Study: Flexible PVC Bollard is up to 90% cheaper than a metal one

DESCRIPTION OF CASE STUDY: The purpose of this case-study: to demonstrate that a flexible PVC bollard does protect your workers from injuries and doors from damages as a metal one, and does it in a more EFFICIENT way. It generates a higher return and cuts dramatically maintenance costs by protecting the floor from damages. We are introducing in […]

Comparison among PVC and other PE/PP products PVC Industrial Protection

Comparison among PVC and other PE/PP products

In this article we’ll shed light on the difference and going through comparison among PVC and other PE/PP products. First, we will see all the characteristic of PVC industrial protection and  then,  we are going to sum up them in the table so you can easily see the differences. FLEXIBILITY PROTECTION’S RESISTANCE TO IMPACT PVC HAS A HIGHLY ENHANCED […]

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