Hints for fixing a cold-rooms on a metallic structure

Fixations in a cold-room can be a difficult topic: let’s see how to cope with it. First of all, let’s see which is the problem here, before describing the solution. COMMON ISSUES IN COLD STORE SET-UPS In a cold-room environment, we usually have an internal environment that has a lower temperature than the external. Insulation, […]


Customers have lately asked us which are the advantages of using the G-door SMART. As a result, we have decided that we want to explain which solutions our G-doors offer to installers. FIRST OF ALL, THE FRAME IS MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY PVC PROFILES. The PVC profiles are light and do not transmit heat or cold; […]

Retailing cold-rooms insulating parts: key takeaways from Refriaméricas

At Refriamericas 2019, in Miami last week, many clients and visitors came to our booth. Many were interested in our SMART cold-room and cold-room doors, other in the valves or the quantum control. INSULATED COLD-ROOM PANEL WITH HERMETIC JOINT Our insulated cold-room panel with hermetic joint attracted the attention of many that were searching for […]

How the development of the cold-chain can reduce the food-waste?

How the development of the cold-chain can actively reduce the food-waste?

Food-waste is an essential topic of discussion these days, as humanity is facing the issue of feeding an ever-growing population. Consequently, I’d like to write about a critical problem: how the development of the cold-chain can actively reduce the food-waste. The FAO, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, has estimated that roughly one-third […]


Solution for cold storages : A 40% lighter cold – room door!

We are preparing a cold-room door that will be lighter, and cheaper, that traditional cold-room doors. It is a great solution for cold storage.  WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A NEW COLD – ROOM DOOR? Firstly, all components are “Made in Italy” Secondly, very competitive price Custom dimensions to the customer’s need Finally, higher thermal […]

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