Flexible PVC Bollard

Case Study: Flexible PVC Bollard is up to 90% cheaper than a metal one

DESCRIPTION OF CASE STUDY: The purpose of this case-study: to demonstrate that a flexible PVC bollard does protect your workers form injuries and doors from damages as a metal one, and does it in a more EFFICIENT way. It generates higher return and cuts dramatically maintenance costs by protecting the floor from damages. We are introducing in the […]

Solution for cold storages : A 40% lighter cold – room door!

We are preparing a cold-room door that will be lighter, and cheaper, that traditional cold-room doors. It is a great solution for cold storages.  WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A NEW COLD – ROOM DOOR? Firstly, all components are “Made in Italy” Secondly, very competitive price Custom dimensions to the customer’s need Finally, higher thermal […]

How to keep refrigeration costs low to be competitive on the global market?

Globe Panels visited FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin last week! Therefore, we would like to share with you interesting insights about the fruit export markets. There were present many fruit growers and fruit exporters from around the world, at the trade show. The purpose unites all of them: meeting new buyers for their crops. People in Europe are […]

difference between PUR and RockWool insulated panels

What is the difference between PUR and Rockwool insulated panels?

Here what you should know about difference between PUR and RockWool panels. The difference between a polyurethane and a rock wool insulated panels is in the insulating core of the panel. The insulating core of a polyurethane panel is a rigid polyurethane foam (PUR or PU). It is poured between the two metal supports during production. This foam, upon contact […]

How To Become A Successful Insulated Panel Distributor?

In every business the return-on-investment is an important measure of performance. But what makes an insulated panel reseller efficacious? In this blogpost we are going to shed light  on how to become a successful insulated panel distributor? I’ve explained in the previous article How to make money in metal sandwich panels retail?, that insulated panels can […]

cold storage, cold-room

Case study: Installation of a high – speed door generates a ROI of 225%

In this article we will give you an overview of a recent case study on usage of cold-room doors aimed to double its life-span and reduce operational costs. Description of case study: Object: Installation of a high-speed door doubles the life-span of cold-room sliding doors, and cuts maintenance costs The purpose of this case-study: to demonstrate […]

How to make money in metal sandwich panels retail?

In this blogpost we will explain what is metal sandwich panel, what are the application of the insulated sandwich panel and we will share our insights on how to make money in metal sandwich panels retail. What is metal insulated panel? Metal Insulated Panel is structure that is consists of three layers: an external metal support, the insulation […]

high - speed door for cold storage

High – speed door for cold storage: valuable asset in cold – room

We’ll start this article by exploring what high – speed doors are, and why they are important. Then, we’ll explore examples of improper use of cold – room door. Finally, we’ll go into how a high – speed door for cold storage help the sliding cold-room door to last longer. What is high – speed door? High-speed doors are door systems, […]

What is PVC Skirting floor, How to install PVC Skirting floor, How to choose PVC Skirting Floor

How to choose PVC skirting floor for cold – room?

In this article we are going to go through choosing PVC sanitary skirting for cold – room. Firstly, we will explain what is PVC skirting floor. Secondly, we will shed lights on how to install PVC skirting floor. And finally, we will explain how to choose PVC  skirting floor for cold – room made with sandwich insulated […]

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