What to consider when choosing an insulated panel for your project?

What to consider when choosing an insulated panel for your project?

With the increase of the use of insulating panels, many customers think that insulated panels became a commodity. WHAT IS A COMMODITY? “A commodity is an economic good or service that has full or substantial fungibility: that is, the market treats instances of the good as equivalent or nearly so with no regard to who produced them.” (Wikipedia) […]

que es el puente térmico en un cuarto frío,

Nylon fasteners and PVC sanitary profiles eliminate thermal bridges in cold room

In this article we will discuss thermal bridges in a cold room. Even more, how Nylon fasteners and PVC sanitary profiles help to reduce or to avoid thermal bridges in a cold room. WHAT IS THE THERMAL BRIDGE? The thermal bridge is a circumscribed area of ​​the building envelope where there is a greater passage of […]

how to increase the level of ISO of a clean room, Stainless steel insulated panels improve ISO of your clean room

Stainless steel insulated panels improve ISO of clean room

When designing a controlled environment it is important clearly understand what the application of a clean room will be and how you can increase the level of ISO of a clean room. In this blogpost we will share insights you have first evaluate when designing a controlled environment with insulated panels. Firstly, we will give you a […]

Flexible PVC Bollard

Case Study: Flexible PVC Bollard is up to 90% cheaper than a metal one

DESCRIPTION OF CASE STUDY: The purpose of this case-study: to demonstrate that a flexible PVC bollard does protect your workers form injuries and doors from damages as a metal one, and does it in a more EFFICIENT way. It generates higher return and cuts dramatically maintenance costs by protecting the floor from damages. We are introducing in the […]

Solution for cold storages : A 40% lighter cold – room door!

We are preparing a cold-room door that will be lighter, and cheaper, that traditional cold-room doors. It is a great solution for cold storages.  WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF A NEW COLD – ROOM DOOR? Firstly, all components are “Made in Italy” Secondly, very competitive price Custom dimensions to the customer’s need Finally, higher thermal […]

How to keep refrigeration costs low to be competitive on the global market?

Globe Panels visited FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin last week! Therefore, we would like to share with you interesting insights about the fruit export markets. There were present many fruit growers and fruit exporters from around the world, at the trade show. The purpose unites all of them: meeting new buyers for their crops. People in Europe are […]

difference between PUR and RockWool insulated panels

What is the difference between PUR and Rockwool insulated panels?

Here what you should know about difference between PUR and RockWool panels. The difference between a polyurethane and a rock wool insulated panels is in the insulating core of the panel. The insulating core of a polyurethane panel is a rigid polyurethane foam (PUR or PU). It is poured between the two metal supports during production. This foam, upon contact […]

How To Become A Successful Insulated Panel Distributor?

In every business the return-on-investment is an important measure of performance. But what makes an insulated panel reseller efficacious? In this blogpost we are going to shed light  on how to become a successful insulated panel distributor? I’ve explained in the previous article How to make money in metal sandwich panels retail?, that insulated panels can […]

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