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choose pvc industrial protection

5 points checklist: is your system of industrial protection working?

In this blog post, we would like to share information related to PVC, flexible industrial protection systems. Firstly, we will shed light on why we choose PVC industrial protection. Secondly, we will give you a quick checklist to verify the effectiveness of your existing industrial protection. Finally, we will sum up all the essential characteristics of industrial […]

Different types of PIR foam and its fire behavior

Different types of PIR foam and fire behavior

In this article, I would like to share with you some useful information about PIR foam insulated metal panels. Firstly, we will recap what PIR foam is. Secondly, we will explain what the difference between PIR and PUR foam is.  Finally, you will be able to choose PIR foam insulated panels that best suit your […]

fm approved insulated metal panels

When choose FM approved insulated metal panel for your project?

In today’s article, we will explain the benefits of choosing our FM approved Insulated Metal Panels. First, let’s see what Factory Mutual Approved means. WHAT IS FACTORY MUTUAL APPROVAL? FM approval is the independent testing body of the international insurance company, FM Global.  FM approval deploys scientific research and testing to ensure that products comply […]


Hints for fixing a cold-rooms on a metallic structure

Fixations in a cold-room can be a difficult topic: let’s see how to cope with it. First of all, let’s see which is the problem here, before describing the solution. Afterward, we will see what the role of nylon insulation discs and the PVC threaded caps in preventing condensation is. COMMON ISSUES IN COLD STORE […]

cold - room door G-door smart


Customers have lately asked us which are the advantages of using the G-door SMART. As a result, we have decided that we want to explain which solutions our G-doors offer to installers. FIRST OF ALL, THE FRAME IS MADE OF HIGH-QUALITY PVC PROFILES. The PVC profiles are light and do not transmit heat or cold; […]

Retailing cold-rooms insulating parts: key takeaways from Refriaméricas

At Refriamericas 2019, in Miami last week, many clients and visitors came to our booth. Many were interested in our SMART cold-room and cold-room doors, other in the valves or the quantum control. INSULATED COLD-ROOM PANEL WITH HERMETIC JOINT Our insulated cold-room panel with hermetic joint attracted the attention of many that were searching for […]

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